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Cultural and Technical Tour

Princess MahaChakriSirindhon Herbal Garden
               PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) has established the first herb garden of Thailand since 1984 on the 60-rai area with the objective to preserve and develop the natural resources for the next generation.Various kinds of herbs are gathered and planted in the garden which was later presented to HRH Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn on 18 April 1985. The landscape was developed, more herbs were planted and in honor Princess 50thBirthday Anniversary in 2006, the HRH Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn Building was built on the auspicious occasion.This Herbs Garden comprises of 2 parts:
                Part 1: The Herb Garden:The garden of more than 260 medicinal herbs of about 20,000 herb trees which can be divided into 20 groups according to their medical prosperities. The garden serves as the source of Thai Herbal knowledge and the place for recreation.
                Part 2: The 50th Birthday Anniversary in honor to HRH Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn Building - It is the exhibition hall where visitors can enjoy interesting knowledge about Thai herbs shown through various multimedia, exciting and encouraging the desire to learn more. The exhibition hall consists of:
 The Adventure of the Whirling Rubber Seed Room
 Thai Energy Save the World Room
 The 4 essential elements of a person body room
 The Conservationist Princess Room
 House of the Village Doctor
 World of Herb Room
PluakDaeng Development Service Center under His Majesty's Initiatives, Rayong Province
               Most of the people in Rayong and Chonburi provinces who are regularly engaged in agriculture have experienced low agricultural productivity and reduced income due to deterioration of forest areas, unfertilized soil and water scarcity. In addition, the influence of capitalists’ land-ownership expansion which has been arising is the other key factor probably undermining the nation’s stability. Realized these problems and difficulties, His Majesty the King has graciously suggested supplying water from DokKrai Reservoir, at PluakDaeng, Rayong, covering the area of 1,300 hectares, to those water shortage areas. His Majesty has made a further suggestion to build a center of education and development in agriculture and also arts and crafts training to people.At present, professional training and services at “PluakDaeng Development Service Center under His Majesty's Initiatives, Rayong Province” are carried out as follows:
 Water resources development for agricultural and consumption use
 Land development and soil improvement
 New theory farming and field crops
 Rice cultivation and quality rice seed production
 Horticulture activities
 Fisheries activities with the important freshwater aquaculture
 Livestock activities
Pattaya Floating Market
               Pattaya Floating Market is riverside attraction in Pattaya displaying and showcasing the beautiful ancient Thai riverside living community and authentic ways of life, including has on display culture and local products from 4 major regions of Thailand on sales in absolutely affordable price. Traveling Pattaya Floating Market is considerable as a ‘Travelling through Thailand in One Day’ trip.
               Apart from being cultural attraction to show case how beautiful of ancient Thai riverside living community, Pattaya Floating Market also features fun activities to season up everyone trip including; rowing boat excursion, amphibious boat adventure, long tail motored-boat, zip line adventure, the haunted mansion, maze runner, baby goat and fish milk feeding, pluses daily cultural shows and traditional games and play such as sea boxing, blindfolded boxing, rowing bowl racing – takes place almost every hour to make sure every minute time spent is worthy.Not only just an attraction to provide fun and coloring up the trip, Pattaya Floating Market is also one of many other Thai Culture Learning Center because it has recently established a new zone called ‘Traditional Thai Ways of Life Village’ aims at making it a learning center for those who interested in knowing deeper about Thai people and history.